Booking Your Stay at the Retreat

Please call for Reservations and Payment: 928.239.4589

How to Get Started
Before participating in our residential health education program, we will need your Contact Information and Medical History Forms completed. This is done by downloading the forms, filling them out and sending them back to us via email-fax.

Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Fill out Medical Forms
Adobe Acrobat PDF Download Retreat Medical Forms: Click Here To Download

Step 2: Gather most recent medical records and blood tests.

Step 3: Submit the forms and medical records, and contact us for your free initial consultation. Call 928.239.4589, or submit the Contact Us Form Below.

Step 4: Confirm Dates and Pay Deposit. We will send you a confirmation email.

Step 5: Book Travel arrangments, flights and car or shuttle rental.
Sedona Arizona is located 90 miles, two hours north of Phoenix.

Shuttle Information: Airport Shuttle services are available for Pheonix Sky Harbor Airport pickup and drop off from the Retreat center at The Lodge at Sedona. Cost for the shuttle to and from Phoenix to Sedona starts at $50+ each way

Arizona Shuttle Service: (928) 282-2066 (RECOMMENDED)

Ace Express Shuttle: 1-800-336-2239

White Tie Transportation: (928) 203-4500

Step 6: Pay remaining balance due 7 days before arrival.

Step 7: Arrive between 2pm and 5pm at the Retreat. Dinner is served at 5pm. For late night arrivals, please call for details.

Any Questions - Please give us a Call
phone: 928.239.4589
fax: 928.204.2128


Retreat Brochure and Rack Card
Adobe Acrobat PDF Download Retreat Brochure/Rack Card - Click Here To Download

Medical Release Form
Adobe Acrobat PDF Download Retreat Medical Forms: Click Here To Download

Not a Hospital or Medical Care Facility The Sedona's Fasting Retreat Center is not a hospital or medical care facility with a staff of doctors, nurses, etc. It is a health education program, where participants can reside for a short period of time while participating in its programs. The Sedona's Fasting Retreat Center has independent doctors of naturopathic medicine who assist in its programs. If you have any concerns about the fact that we are not a hospital or a medical care facility, then you should not undergo a program at the Sedona's Fasting Retreat Center.

Not a 24 Hour Care Center While staying at the wellness retreat, there are no medical doctors or naturopathic doctors during the evenings or at night. There are no staff person present on site throughout the evenings and night. We do have on call staff who can be contacted if something urgent comes up. If there is a medical emergency, guests are instructed to call 911. There is an emergency hospital 2 miles from the retreat. If you have a concern that no medical personel will be present on site during the evenings or throughout the night, please contact us. We do recommend that a companion come with you for added support and care.

All guests must pay for all services at the time they are renderedInsurance companies and Medicare does not pay for services rendered while staying at the Center. We do not bill iinsurance and insurance companies do not pay for any services while you are a patient at the Center. If an account remains unpaid for more than 30 days, a service charge will be added; and should any action need to be taken for collection, attorney fees will be added to the amounts you owe.

We cannot and do not guarantee our program will benefit the health condition that you are seeking to improve. We offer many options of cleansing at our facility. You should also know that there are alternatives with cleaning and you can discuss with the doctor which plan or program ir right for you.

There are Many Risks to CleansingThere are many risks to cleansing and detoxification of the body and we want you to be aware of them prior to your decision to come. Because you will will either be on a strict diet, juices or you will not be eating any food, you will most certainly experience weakness throughout the cleanse as well as some weight loss. Common symptoms are dizziness and fainting, especially on rising from a laying or seated position. Other common and unpleasant symptoms are heart arrhythmia, palpitations, dehydration, nausea, vomiting, low back pain, skin rashes, mucus discharge, increased menstrual flow, irregular or anovulatory cycles, hair loss, sore throat, gastric irritation, passing of kidney or gall stones, electrolyte imbalances which could cause heart problems, such as a heart attack, or vascular problems, such as a stroke, as well as changes in body's basic metabolism and functions and emotional disturbances. It will take some time after cleansing and fasting to regain your strength.

We Look Forward To Working With Your Towards A Healthier Tomorrow!